Joao Patchwork Button-Down

$256 $320

It takes 5 days to complete each Joao Patchwork Shirt. The shirts are made in Brazil from deadstock yellow bandana fabric and feature hand-made appliques called "renda rensensa," a method originated in Fortaleza, Brazil. Each delicate applique is meticulously hand-placed and sewn onto the shirt by one of our co-founders' aunts, Tia Zezeca. Zezeca's work reminds us that love for family and artisanal skill go hand in hand, and when this sentiment is reflected in clothing, each piece should be treasured.


Troi is 5"7 wearing a size small

Aaron is 6"1 wearing a size large


*100% cotton

*20 units produced

*Hand made

*Made in Brazil



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