Spiral Earrings


Classically éliou, our Spiral earrings are a playful twist on a timeless pearl earring. Large freshwater pearl studs cascade outwards and taper in size to create a flattering spiral shape. Each pearl is patiently sorted and purposefully hand-wired by our skilled team of 6 female assemblers.


*Intended to be worn daily, our pieces are heavily plated and won't tarnish or fade easily

*Slight variations due to the individuality of each piece


Your pieces are handmade, to make you happy on sunny and rainy days.

Take care of your Éliou pieces by rinsing them with fresh water if you go swimming with your pieces. Diving into a pool in your Éliou can be tempting but avoiding chlorine is recommended.

To keep your pieces in original, crisp condition remove before any sweaty activities. Keep it au naturale and avoid cleaning products, body lotions, hairspray, and perfume when wearing your Éliou.

Lay your jewelry to sleep in a safe, dry place, preferably flat and always out of direct light, and away from moisture and extreme heat.

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